Flamenco Show

Photo taken during Orlando PBS filming on 2011 (courtesy of http://www.starrshots.com/
Luis Alfredo's Flamenco Music Show with Dancers 
Additional to Luis Alfredo's solo classical guitar, one-man-band Latin-Jazz/Flamenco guitar show, and Tenor/Guitar Music Duo, Luis Alfredo offers a great music show with flamenco dancers.  Luis began doing choreographic music shows since he was in high school.  He started working with flamenco dancers since 2008 while performing at Ceviche Spanish Restaurant's Flamenco Dance show.  Currently, Luis' Flamenco Music Duo together with Alborea Dancers were filmed by Local Orando Public Broadcast (PBS). 

Luis Alfredo is available for booking with various flamenco dance artists including Alborea Dancers (http://www.alboreadances.com), Eli Carnenal "La Salerita" (http://www.lasalerita.com), Ana Maria Gonzales, and cantaores Jose Velez and/or Mireya Nazario
 Live Flamenco Dance Show Video Demo
Photos from previous Flamenco Shows