Sol Latino Music Group

Sol Latino or "Latin Sun"  is a South American musical group formed by soloists of different instruments, some which are rare and exotic from different regions of Latin American countries. Sol Latino has been performing and entertaining in Orlando and the Central Florida area for nearly 20 years.

Sol Latino is a group with a strong folkloric connotation of high musical quality.  These musicians, although from different countries, musical backgrounds and influences, have been able to harmonize their instruments, talents and interpretations into a unique blend of Latin fusion.





Andres Jara, born in Colombia, interprets mainly wind instruments that are typical from the Andes. These include the “quena”, a recorder-like flute made of bamboo, the “sampoña”, a pan flute also made from bamboo, the classical flute and the “palo de agua”, a rain stick which imitates the sound of falling water as well as other native instruments of the Amazon jungles. He also plays Caribbean percussion instruments like the "güiro".

Jose Velez, an excellent tenor and guitar player, was born in Colombia. He has a music degree from the University of Central Florida where he won various scholarships and vocal competitions under the guidance of famous teacher Louis Roney.

Luis Alfredo Garcia, born in Puerto Rico, is the lead guitar player. He also plays the "Cuatro", a mandolin like instrument from Puerto Rico, and bass guitar. Luis studied classical guitar in the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico for three years. He continued his music education at the University of Central Florida.

Luis Pineda, originally from Paraguay, plays the native Paraguayan harp, also known as "Indian Harp". He also plays guitar and piano.



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